Song writing…what to do

First step to writing songs is to dig deep–that is if you want to write something meaningful. You can make something up and call it a day, but it won’t sound as good or mean anything and the only reason why it would be liked was if it had a good beat. My process of writing songs is just to play around with words that mean something to you or words you like and if you don’t have favourite words or don’t have any meaningful words, doesn’t really matter. Just toss words together and see what comes to mind. Everyone is different in writing, for me it comes easy. I can whip some up in about five minutes and then read it over, polish it and I’m done. For some it takes days and that’s ok. There’s no need for rushing.

I’ve found that rushing through writing is pointless because sometimes in the end nothing sounds good, it doesn’t make sense and at times–for me–it brings me down. The second step is try playing around with melodies. Whether it’s singing it out loud or humming it or just going over it in your head, anything works–like I said in the beginning, everyone is different. I often pick little tunes from other songs that I love and try mashing them together to create something that’s the same, but also different. Once you’ve got your melodies and you’re pleased with it and your words, jump to number 3.

Number three is easy because it’s mainly just singing out loud and try keeping the melodies and tune in your head as you sing. Be confident in your singing because it’s your gift, use it. Don’t worry about what others are saying about it. It’s yours. Be proud of it. And if you think your song isn’t very good, no problem. Change it, switch it, do whatever you want because in the end, it’s yours to keep.


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