img_1050Polishing and fixing up your song isn’t always easy. For me, fixing up my song isn’t that easy. I don’t know and can’t exactly explain why, but it’s not a hard task to burden. I do fix up my songs quite a lot. If I read through and I dislike what I see, I take it down. Sometimes it’s because it makes no sense, but it happens a lot. The song above still needs some fixing up because I’m not quite satisfied with the verses, but it should be done soon. I’ll post the polished and final products soon.



  1. minkleyswritting · May 6, 2016

    You’re lyrics sound great, I like the fact that you use metaphors. Did you consider putting the words on a musical lines. I realize it might be a lot of work but then I could hear the song as I read the lyrics. I understand how correcting your song isn’t easy. For me, correcting the poetry I write is hard becasue I am used to looking at the words a certain way.


    • joyo1 · May 6, 2016

      Thanks. I would try the music sheet idea, but I’m not sure where I’d get one–though I’d look through it.


  2. lexikoop · June 19, 2016

    I love what you did with this passion project! Writing songs can be hard, when I was younger I tried but I could never get it right, but flames looks awesome and I bet it sounds great! During your presentation you sang and your voice was beautiful and the song you sang was so nice. What was the name of that song you wrote?


    • joyo1 · June 20, 2016

      Thank you!!! I was determining on naming it “Supreme,” but I might change it sooner or later.

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