In the making. 

So for my project I’m putting together a doll-like shirt to show the class and other small pieces of fabric patched together to make different kinds of things. The fabric I’m using is light weight and has floral patterns which gives it a nice, spring/summery look. My mom showed me how to measure (randomly) or on a person’s body and copy the sizes onto the fabric so it’s prepped for cutting. One of the important things she told me was [take for instance] if the size of the armpit; so around the arm, was 20, you measure 10 on the front of the fabric and 10 on the back so it makes 20 in total. If you measure 20 all the way through, you’ll get a size 40 resulting in a disproportionate arm to the body of a shirt/dress. 


Waited too long :/

Remember when I was going to make mitts? Yeah that moment is kind of over. It’s warm, and sunny, and we do not need mitts so I’ve decided to make something else. I’ve decided to make an infinity fashion scarf because my final project concludes to making clothing for someone in the class. It’s a possibility. All that is left to do is find the right fabric, and begin!