TFT Through lines

My project for this year’s passion project can be seen through Earth Keeping, Beauty Creating, Creation Enjoying, Servant Working. 

Earth Keeping: Through sewing, I can show earth keeping by making clothing that are eco-friendly. Materials that can be used to make eco-friendly clothing are bamboo, organic cotton, linen, hand-dyed fabrics, and recycled materials. These materials will ensure less poisons and chemicals in the clothing. Bamboo especially is hypoallergenic making it safe for individuals with sensitive skin. Also if the clothing happens to be thrown out, they could be reused and wouldn”t cause harm to the environment. 

Beauty Creating: Sewing can be seen as beauty creating because I can make cute, colourful, and pretty clothing for myself and others. I can combine different colours and fabrics to create something unique or extraordinary. 

Creation Enjoying: Watching my hand create all the wonderful pieces of clothing is a way of enjoying the person God created me to be. He made me special and unique. God made me my own person and gave me gifted hands that has the ability to create beautiful clothing . 

Servant Working: Through sewing, I can show servant working by voluntaring to help sew clothes for people who have none or work by donating clothing to countries who are in need. 

Everyone has a gift and gifts they can learn. These through lines put focus on how I can sew and make beauty in the face of God.