Obstacle…but wait there’s more! 

There’s bound to be a stumbling block in everything we do. Unfortunately for me, mine was the disfunction of my bobbin storage. It seem to work alright in the beginning…until I started to sew, then the whole thing just fell apart. Although using the machine was a big part of my project, I decided to hand sew instead. It’ll take time, but it’s better than spending 45 minutes on something that needs professional fixing. 
  My (mentor’s) sewing machine. 


My fabrics 

Rough draft fabric. 

Soft, but rough; green 

Has frayed edges which is good to use for random work or put together to make clothing. 

Final project fabric. 

Floral and spring/summery for the little piece of clothing I was going to do. 

Light weight.



Designing the neck with a different kind of fabric; Hand sewn. 
Left side of collar shows the sewing of the design around the neck (if you want) 
Right side shows the sewing of the design around the neck (if you want it hidden).