Obstacle…but wait there’s more! 

There’s bound to be a stumbling block in everything we do. Unfortunately for me, mine was the disfunction of my bobbin storage. It seem to work alright in the beginning…until I started to sew, then the whole thing just fell apart. Although using the machine was a big part of my project, I decided to hand sew instead. It’ll take time, but it’s better than spending 45 minutes on something that needs professional fixing. 
  My (mentor’s) sewing machine. 


My fabrics 

Rough draft fabric. 

Soft, but rough; green 

Has frayed edges which is good to use for random work or put together to make clothing. 

Final project fabric. 

Floral and spring/summery for the little piece of clothing I was going to do. 

Light weight.



Designing the neck with a different kind of fabric; Hand sewn. 
Left side of collar shows the sewing of the design around the neck (if you want) 
Right side shows the sewing of the design around the neck (if you want it hidden).

TFT Through lines

My project for this year’s passion project can be seen through Earth Keeping, Beauty Creating, Creation Enjoying, Servant Working. 

Earth Keeping: Through sewing, I can show earth keeping by making clothing that are eco-friendly. Materials that can be used to make eco-friendly clothing are bamboo, organic cotton, linen, hand-dyed fabrics, and recycled materials. These materials will ensure less poisons and chemicals in the clothing. Bamboo especially is hypoallergenic making it safe for individuals with sensitive skin. Also if the clothing happens to be thrown out, they could be reused and wouldn”t cause harm to the environment. 

Beauty Creating: Sewing can be seen as beauty creating because I can make cute, colourful, and pretty clothing for myself and others. I can combine different colours and fabrics to create something unique or extraordinary. 

Creation Enjoying: Watching my hand create all the wonderful pieces of clothing is a way of enjoying the person God created me to be. He made me special and unique. God made me my own person and gave me gifted hands that has the ability to create beautiful clothing . 

Servant Working: Through sewing, I can show servant working by voluntaring to help sew clothes for people who have none or work by donating clothing to countries who are in need. 

Everyone has a gift and gifts they can learn. These through lines put focus on how I can sew and make beauty in the face of God. 

In the making. 

So for my project I’m putting together a doll-like shirt to show the class and other small pieces of fabric patched together to make different kinds of things. The fabric I’m using is light weight and has floral patterns which gives it a nice, spring/summery look. My mom showed me how to measure (randomly) or on a person’s body and copy the sizes onto the fabric so it’s prepped for cutting. One of the important things she told me was [take for instance] if the size of the armpit; so around the arm, was 20, you measure 10 on the front of the fabric and 10 on the back so it makes 20 in total. If you measure 20 all the way through, you’ll get a size 40 resulting in a disproportionate arm to the body of a shirt/dress. 


First step to sewing is finding the right fabrics for what you’re planning to do. My first sewing project will be mittens since it is winter and my fingers are constantly frozen because mittens are torn at the fingertips and this is the perfect opportunity to sew one instead of flushing money down the drain to purchase a new one. Since I love my old mitten so much, I’ve decided to sew on top of them. So my old mitts will be the inner layer and the outer layer will be the newly sewn mitt. So far the best kind of fabric for mittens is wool or a knitted kind of fabric because they’re warm and best for colder weathers – like we have now. Now to buy the fabric…


A brand new project….I decided to go with sewing since I haven’t picked it up since grade 9 applied art. Since I have a little bit of sewing experience, this project should be a easy breezy…at least I hope it is. I haven’t sewn a dress together before so that’s one part I’m excited for in this project because I get to pick someone and make them something to wear. And that’s a wrap!

A major 

Learning the A major was a bit harder than the D major. I can’t quite get fingers on the string well and that causes buzzing when I play. I’m continuing to work on it so it gets easier with practice. With A major you use three fingers to play five of the six strings. Your first finger goes on the second fret of the fourth string, your second finger on the second fret of the third string and the third finger on the second fret of the string. You then strum the five strings to create a certain tune. 

D Major. 

So I found a great app called Chordbank and that’s where I’ve been doing most of my lessons. D major is basically the starter chord of learning guitar. I learned how to play the D major which is the sound of the last three strings on the guitar. You put your index finger on the second fret of the fourth string, your middle finger on the second fret of the sixth string and your ring finger on the fifth finger. It’s rather easy to learn and I picked up easily. I have started learning the A major already and I’ll tell you about that next time!


img_1050Polishing and fixing up your song isn’t always easy. For me, fixing up my song isn’t that easy. I don’t know and can’t exactly explain why, but it’s not a hard task to burden. I do fix up my songs quite a lot. If I read through and I dislike what I see, I take it down. Sometimes it’s because it makes no sense, but it happens a lot. The song above still needs some fixing up because I’m not quite satisfied with the verses, but it should be done soon. I’ll post the polished and final products soon.

Song writing…what to do

First step to writing songs is to dig deep–that is if you want to write something meaningful. You can make something up and call it a day, but it won’t sound as good or mean anything and the only reason why it would be liked was if it had a good beat. My process of writing songs is just to play around with words that mean something to you or words you like and if you don’t have favourite words or don’t have any meaningful words, doesn’t really matter. Just toss words together and see what comes to mind. Everyone is different in writing, for me it comes easy. I can whip some up in about five minutes and then read it over, polish it and I’m done. For some it takes days and that’s ok. There’s no need for rushing.

I’ve found that rushing through writing is pointless because sometimes in the end nothing sounds good, it doesn’t make sense and at times–for me–it brings me down. The second step is try playing around with melodies. Whether it’s singing it out loud or humming it or just going over it in your head, anything works–like I said in the beginning, everyone is different. I often pick little tunes from other songs that I love and try mashing them together to create something that’s the same, but also different. Once you’ve got your melodies and you’re pleased with it and your words, jump to number 3.

Number three is easy because it’s mainly just singing out loud and try keeping the melodies and tune in your head as you sing. Be confident in your singing because it’s your gift, use it. Don’t worry about what others are saying about it. It’s yours. Be proud of it. And if you think your song isn’t very good, no problem. Change it, switch it, do whatever you want because in the end, it’s yours to keep.